Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hummana-hummana Hummus!

I have been craving for hummus since I got a bag of chips from my office mate that "suggests" various dips including hummus for a more enjoyable snacking experience.

Made from chickpeas and sesame paste it is high in iron and vitamin C, definitely more nutritious that you average store bought bottled salsa I think!

I like it as a dip for soft warm or crispy arabic bread, it also goes along with crudites - look at me enjoying crudite! I sound so fancy!!!

Hummus is readily available at local supermarkets in freshly made form that you can get in small tubs that are priced (cheaply) by weight or the canned varieties which you have to dress up a bit with a bit of olive oil.

So grab a tub and enjoy a truly 'arabic' snacking experience!

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