Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fashion me conservative

You'd think that in a conservative country like the United Arab Emirates, women are constricted when in comes to dressing up because they wear the abaya and niqab to cover themselves from the prying eyes of  the public, but no.

Since I came to UAE about 5 years ago I've seen women wearing intricately detailed abayas and niqabs with designs of beads, lace, ribbons and rhinestones. From the simple bead trimmings to the very daring skull and bones applique' in pink rhinestones, the only limitation to making an abaya unique and fashionable is one's creativity and imagination.

Designer eyewear and bags and chunky sparkly rings are the most common accessories for women in abayas, and with those majestic noses, they can pull of wearing any eyewear style with ease.

This is not to say their style is limited to their outwear, if you have seen the movie Sex and the City 2 which is set in Abu Dhabi but is actually shot in Morocco you'd know what I am talking about. When women take off their abayas in the privacy of their home or ladies spa they are sporting the latest trends in high street and designer labels for sure.

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