Sunday, February 19, 2012

A cup of kindness!

The concept of having office boys or free flowing hot beverages for that matter, was relatively new to me when I first came to the UAE. In the Philippines we have janitors and messengers in our office – occasionally you could ask them for a cup of Nescafe which they grudgingly serve because the serving of hot beverages on command is only reserved for managers, officers and clients and not for lowly rank and file people.

I remember my first day in office here where I gave the office boy a puzzled expression when he asked me what I would like to have for the afternoon: tea, coffee, cappuccino, Turkish coffee, chai latte, karkade (huh? What??)… and the list went on. It was like I was being presented with the menu of a famous coffee chain. I was so overwhelmed with the choices that the only thing I could blurt out was “water please!”

Over the next days however I learned to try out different beverages though I dare not try the Turkish coffee because (I am sorry to say to those who love it) it seems like thick muddy water to me, my favorites being the karkade and cappuccino – and boy is that cappuccino good!. With its strong bitter brew and milky foamy top with a sprinkling of coffee powder it can rival starbucks’ cappuccino (in my opinion at least) and the best part is I am only charged a smile and a word of ‘thanks’ for that – ahhh afternoon break couldn't be better!

Here's to all the office boys never fails to bring a smile to our faces with the first whif of our afternoon coffee or tea :)

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