Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back to the routine

It's been five days since I have come back from my month long vacation and its like I never left - its back to the old expat routine in fact I just had finished my fish batch of laundry.

We had maximized our thirty three day vacation and ate, slept, pampered ourselves with spa treatments and went around town in our own pace, time and whim. We never gave much thought about cleaning house, the laundry or groceries because we have our very kind house helpers to mind them for us and thus for a month we had lived a routine very far from the one we had in abu dhabi which was one of hard work, home chores which we do by ourselves (and yes that includes cleaning the toilet) and a sprinkling of social activities.

While waiting in line at the airport immigration before boarding our flight back to abu dhabi a few days ago, my brother commented that he had forgoten what life was like as an expat. The minute we stepped out of the plane when in landed it abu dhabi, I told my brother "take a deep breath and it will all come rushing back to you..."

Ahhh.... 'tis the expat life!

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