Sunday, January 15, 2012

still jet lagged after 8 days

It's 2 AM and everybody is asleep but I am still wide awake. I used to think there is no such thing as jet lag, how could there be?  a person sleeps when the body is tired right?! does it matter that it's only a quarter to ten in Abu Dhabi and I still have an hour to go before my usual Abu Dhabi bedtime?

I guess I still have an hour to amuse myself with silly thoughts...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

coming home to a different place

I am flying to Manila Philippines tomorrow for my month long (much needed and well deserved, if I might add) vacation.

Coming home this year would be bittersweet. Some things has changed and I could not help but feel sad when before all I could feel was excitement and anticipation of the planned food adventures, family get-aways, shopping and catching up with old friends...

Change is inevitable but somehow I wish change doesn't have to be so heartbreaking... while we all have to move on eventually but it would undoubtedly feel different coming home to a familiar yet strange place...

Here's hoping that this vacation brings peace, acceptance and closeness within the family.