Wednesday, December 14, 2011

lucky 200

It's that time of year again - nope I am not taking about Christmas but that time when Filipino expats are obliged to go to the embassy, stand in queue for hours and pay the Overseas Employment fee as a requirement for Filipinos who are to fly to the homeland for vacation. It is bad enough that it can take 3-5 hours for the whole process to finish but what really frustrates me more is that the Philippine Embassy is located at an area not very familiar with taxi drivers.

I have been there once last year, and though I have tried to memorize the location, it still is difficult to direct a driver to go there because more often than not they aren't even familiar with the landmarks I have taken note of. Showing them a google map or dictating them the address are both pointless. It is only if I direct the driver one turn, signal and street at a time (which I could not possibly do) or wait until one finally say "yes" he knows where the Philippine Embassy that I will finally be heading straight to my destination.

Lucky I wasted just under an hour to get a cab - I would have gotten one in a jiffy but nobody knows where the embassy is!!! when I got there I'm 200th on the queue!!! - I was 200th and they were serving number 126!!! It was a loooong way to go but thank goodness for the impatient people who got numbers but left because it gave us a chance to jump the line and I was able to finish before the staff took their lunch break otherwise I'd have to wait one and a half hours until they re-open at 1:30PM and goodness knows how much longer!!!

whew!!! I sure wish this process can be done over the internet!

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