Tuesday, December 13, 2011

it's tattoo!

The first tattoo (relax dad it's henna!!) I had was way back 10 or more years ago - I was into 'grunge' looks that time and usually wore cargo pants and statement shirts. We saw a henna tattoo artist on one of our out of town trips and I though I would be cooler If I got a tattoo on my arm to complete my tough 'look' and so I did. It was just a small Japanese or Chinese symbol that stands for courage. I remember thinking having that on my arm would give me the push that I need to brave the world - I felt so symbolic. After a few days the tattoo faded of course but I will always remember the rationale behind it.

Fast forward to the present - I got another tattoo (again dad it's henna!) as part of a desert safari adventure we went on to. Henna art, for me is another way veiled women accessorize - with body art but it turns out its more than just body art, it is a part of tradition. Women get hannaed for joy and good luck, with brides often having the most elaborate and complex applications. 

I got mine on my hand in a simple flower and vines design. It took the artist just a couple of minutes to complete the design and I got to say while the one I got before made me feel 'tough' this one made me feel dainty and girly and I loved it!!!

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