Saturday, December 31, 2011

hello 2012!!!

if I were to fanatically believe in horoscopes looks like 2012 will be a good year for me!

 Socializing, health checkups and concern for finance is indicated in the astronomical charts of Horoscope 2012 for Pisces. January is the month to take a break from work and relax with your family. February will see you achieve new heights at work and peace at personal front. March is the month for friends and travel. Your zeal to achieve your dreams will form shape during the months of April and May. Romance will flourish; nuptial knots may happen in July. Second half of the year will see you apply for loans and funds. Joint ventures with close ones will take place in the months of September and October. November has many important dates and events which will remain as a milestone in the years to come. 

2011 had passed by in a blur, nothing of note had happened - to me at least. I guess I was sad, angry and depressed most of 2011 to notice, realize or appreciate anything much... but with only a few hours till the New Year here is hoping 2012 will be better, horoscope or not 2012 here we go!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

lucky 200

It's that time of year again - nope I am not taking about Christmas but that time when Filipino expats are obliged to go to the embassy, stand in queue for hours and pay the Overseas Employment fee as a requirement for Filipinos who are to fly to the homeland for vacation. It is bad enough that it can take 3-5 hours for the whole process to finish but what really frustrates me more is that the Philippine Embassy is located at an area not very familiar with taxi drivers.

I have been there once last year, and though I have tried to memorize the location, it still is difficult to direct a driver to go there because more often than not they aren't even familiar with the landmarks I have taken note of. Showing them a google map or dictating them the address are both pointless. It is only if I direct the driver one turn, signal and street at a time (which I could not possibly do) or wait until one finally say "yes" he knows where the Philippine Embassy that I will finally be heading straight to my destination.

Lucky I wasted just under an hour to get a cab - I would have gotten one in a jiffy but nobody knows where the embassy is!!! when I got there I'm 200th on the queue!!! - I was 200th and they were serving number 126!!! It was a loooong way to go but thank goodness for the impatient people who got numbers but left because it gave us a chance to jump the line and I was able to finish before the staff took their lunch break otherwise I'd have to wait one and a half hours until they re-open at 1:30PM and goodness knows how much longer!!!

whew!!! I sure wish this process can be done over the internet!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

it's tattoo!

The first tattoo (relax dad it's henna!!) I had was way back 10 or more years ago - I was into 'grunge' looks that time and usually wore cargo pants and statement shirts. We saw a henna tattoo artist on one of our out of town trips and I though I would be cooler If I got a tattoo on my arm to complete my tough 'look' and so I did. It was just a small Japanese or Chinese symbol that stands for courage. I remember thinking having that on my arm would give me the push that I need to brave the world - I felt so symbolic. After a few days the tattoo faded of course but I will always remember the rationale behind it.

Fast forward to the present - I got another tattoo (again dad it's henna!) as part of a desert safari adventure we went on to. Henna art, for me is another way veiled women accessorize - with body art but it turns out its more than just body art, it is a part of tradition. Women get hannaed for joy and good luck, with brides often having the most elaborate and complex applications. 

I got mine on my hand in a simple flower and vines design. It took the artist just a couple of minutes to complete the design and I got to say while the one I got before made me feel 'tough' this one made me feel dainty and girly and I loved it!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

happy 40th UAE!!!

Happy 40th National Day to the United Arab Emirates!!! and HOOORRRAAAAYY! for our three-day mini vacation!!!

I have been living here for a little over six years - yep count 'em! six! so far UAE has been good to me and I have grown to appreciate the Middle Class Abu Dhabi expat life and have come to love living in the UAE because it is a melting pot of different cultures, making it a much more interesting place to live in.

You get to work, interact and be friends with people from all parts of the globe - allowing you to learn about, see, feel and experience the rich and wonderful diversity of the world despite being in one place.

Here's to more great years UAE!!