Wednesday, October 19, 2011

welcoming winter

I don't know about you, but I am ready to say 'goodbye' to the sweltering heat of summer.

Yes, yes summer beachin' was fun but I so look forward to winter so I can wear my new suede boots that I got on sale (HA HA HA!!) and those pastel colored jumpers and classic knits that I seem to have a lot of!

I also eager to going on early morning photo walks - it's been a while since I seriously gave my camera (and myself) a work-out - I need to get on a-tinkering and a-shooting so I can at least have bragging rights as a 'person who owns and knows how to use a DLSR' - I won't go far as using the term photographer because heaven knows I am far from being one!

I also can't wait to go sit an outdoor cafe warming my hands on a cup of hot coffee or tea while catching up with friends or having some alone time with a book.

Oh am so ready for winter!!!

'autumn' leaves

good bye summer, hello autumn, winter is just around the corner!!!

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