Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MUGG-nificent day of BEAN-geing

The next stop on our steam-releasing food adventure let us to Mugg & Bean...

... it was primarily because of my office mate Christine's craving for their Monte Cristo salad but it was just our luck that they had changed the menu only the day before. Sadly the salad Tin was longing for wasn't retained on the new menu, so we ordered a selection of sandwiches and the Thai Beef and Chicken Cobb salad to satiate Tin's craving. 

The salads were filling with chucks of meat and I am thinking it has more meat than greens but am not complaining! They were good in my opinion but they did not level up to the Monte Cristo salad Tin was raving about. The sandwiches were OK - yeah just OK for us because they arrived on our table cold. My open faced sandwich would have been much better I bet if it came with the cheese on top gooey and bubbly warm. 

We didn't get to try there selection of HUGE cakes which probably what Mugg & Bean is known for simply because we were a bit disappointed with lunch. One didn't get her salad, one thinks his sandwich is too small, the other got plain sunny side up eggs in her meal when she had expected scrambled eggs - my complaint was that my sandwich was served cold and my iced tea was watered down. 

satisfied or not MUST smile for the camera!!!

ice cream heaven!!!
... so for dessert we just headed down to the nearbly Cold Stone Creamery - which serves the best ice cream concoctions with tricks and thrills! Chocolate ice cream never fails to make me happy!!!

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