Thursday, April 7, 2011

WOMAD is back in town - yes but no cameras allowed!!!

yep! World of Music, Art and Dance (WOMAD) is back!

I went to the corniche to check out the performances but sadly I was not able to get in - and that is because I have my camera with me!. Turns out, the new rules prohibits cameras, camcorders and any other device that could record audio.

Might be for copyright purposes or something but its just too sad... Imagine being at the venue, all excited and curious only to be told that you can't bring your camera inside with you - and with the dilemma of what to do or where to put your camera for safety, the only option is to turn back and go home... so so saddening - so near yet so far...

It's a good thing that WOMAD runs for three days, so I have two more days to catch the performances, enjoy and have fun, albeit with no photos to documents such happy event...

So tomorrow I am matching the entrance gate, head held high and with out a camera... they'd allow mobile phones don't they??!!

WOMAD 2010 flags

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