Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Joneses

... and so the food adventures begin...

first on the many cafe's we wanted to try out...
After work last Thursday we headed out to Jones the Grocer Cafe in khalidiya. - voted best Cafe by Time Out Abu Dhabi, it boasts of a gourmet menu sure to satisfy all cafe food connoisseurs  - really foie gras on a burger?!! can't get anymore gourmet than that!!!
The place was nice, definitely a different take from the usual cafe setting with their own fromagerie, bakery and grocery. It was not a fast food joint and it took some time for our orders to arrive, giving us ample time to browse and check out all the products they had to offer, taste samples and of course take pictures - remind me to come back for the truffle oil - I heard a drizzle transforms an ordinary grilled cheese into a gourmet sandwich.

Good enough food,  we mostly ordered sandwiches and good old mac and cheese. The sandwiches are good with soft crusty bread but the mac and cheese was a little too bland. I guess we missed out on the diversity by skipping the mains, salad and cheese platters. 

The food was served on wooded chopping boards as opposed to plates - which was a really nice touch, albeit with small portions - small for people with ravenous stomachs like us anyway!

will I go back?!! - hmmm... maybe... for the desserts and coffee at least :D as always the food is only as good as the company you keep - had a good time you guys!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

pay day, happy day

Gone are the days that we had an extra day off... we are currently understaffed and thus we work 6 days a week from 8am to 4pm. 

It's kind of stressful really, so my office mates and I decided we should have one day a month to go out and try new restaurants, stuffing ourselves full while venting out our work related frustrations. Its kind of therapeutic I guess to be able to rant on and on and have people listen and understand what you are saying because they too are are having the same work related experience.

With the eclectic choice of restaurants and cuisine on every budget level I am sure we would have fun going on about our food adventures. 

.... and so let the adventure begin!!!

WOMAD is back in town - yes but no cameras allowed!!!

yep! World of Music, Art and Dance (WOMAD) is back!

I went to the corniche to check out the performances but sadly I was not able to get in - and that is because I have my camera with me!. Turns out, the new rules prohibits cameras, camcorders and any other device that could record audio.

Might be for copyright purposes or something but its just too sad... Imagine being at the venue, all excited and curious only to be told that you can't bring your camera inside with you - and with the dilemma of what to do or where to put your camera for safety, the only option is to turn back and go home... so so saddening - so near yet so far...

It's a good thing that WOMAD runs for three days, so I have two more days to catch the performances, enjoy and have fun, albeit with no photos to documents such happy event...

So tomorrow I am matching the entrance gate, head held high and with out a camera... they'd allow mobile phones don't they??!!

WOMAD 2010 flags