Tuesday, March 22, 2011

words and letters for money

Am now a full pledged writer!...

... no... not really, but I did receive a contributors fee for the essay I wrote and submitted which was published online a Philippine spreadsheet. I am now AED166.12 richer... now I could buy that book I have been coveting online, not worrying about budgeting and stuff. whoopeee!!! 

my first 'professional' writing payment

I have always been actively sending out essays, poems and pictures to magazine and newspaper publications in the hopes of getting published. While it never occurred to me to consider a career  in journalism, I guess  it was a way to realize a childhood dream of being a part of the school paper (my high school didn't have one). 

While am not a brilliant writer - most my rants are far from being Pulitzer prize winners, I am happy by one critique someone told me. I was told that my writing style is one for easy reading, simple but enjoyable - must be because you'll never read words that are hard to spell and pronounce in these spaces. Sure I would like to write something so profound using big words and all, but for now and I guess for always I will be writing with all simplicity and a lot of heart hoping that whoever comes across my writings would enjoy reading them.

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