Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chak de India!

Am not a huge sports fan - I don't follow any teams and am not a fan of any particular athlete/sportsman/sportswoman. Sure I play 'some' sport like badminton, table tennis, tennis, bowling and some other 'girly' sport but I have never really put myself into it like some people who really follow every aspect of the sport they love.

Recently on a dinner date with friends, one complained of the difficulty of getting a cab - then we remembered that there was a big cricket match between India and Pakistan that night. Everyone must have been on the rush to catch the match, I guess even the cabbies took a well deserved TV break.

I don't know much about cricket nor the rivalry between India and Pakistan except that it is HUUUUGE. I remember watching the Twenty20 World Cup at my friends house a few years ago. They were cheering so loudly that the natur (building watchman) came and gave us a warning. They had to content themselves with stuffing they mouths with their fist in an effort to mellow out their cheering.

Being foreign to the sport, I had a mini lecture about the game of cricket and after that match this is what I wrote on my old Blog:

... before this day I didn't know a squat about Cricket, and you can call me ignorant but yeah I have never even heard of Cricket before I came here in the Emirates... 
... friends and recent events led me to join team India Contingent - like they say this is not just a game of Cricket, its so much more than that and we must win! CHAK DE INDIA!

... as I've gathered India and Pakistan have been big rivals - well I don't know much about the history here but the heat is on for both teams and I have to say even I am fired up! and today the teams are playing for the first Twenty20 World Cup and hours from now one of the two teams will be the proud owner the World Cup trophy for the next two years.

... well I was told Cricket can be compared to baseball and here is what I've learned:

- each team has 11 players who can bat
- to score players must complete a run (like bases is to baseball)
- if the ball goes across the boundaries the batting team scores 4 runs... if it goes over (like a homerun) its worth 6
- if the ball hits the stumps the batter is bowled out
- each team has 10 wickets (wickets is wherein the fielder catches the ball and many other ways to get a wicket but this is the most common one)
- teams loose the game if they get 10 wickets even if the still have remaining balls to play
- teams has 120 balls (for T20 match) to play wherein the have to make the maximum scores

... well that's what I've learned! ... its like cricket for dummies!!! I don't think I would ever be an avid fan but I enjoyed watching the game... I am writing this while watching the match and publish button is just a click away!!! 

CHAK DE INDIA!!!... India made 157-5!!!! while Pakistan made 152 with all 10 wickets down in their alloted 120 balls, India wins by 5 runs and the world cup, yahoooooooo!!!

BTW, I heard India won the match!!!

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