Thursday, March 24, 2011

Abu Dhabi tour anyone???

I stepped up and took the challenge!!!

the Abu Dhabi Tempo Abu Dhabi Quiz Challenge that is!!! I answered 8 out of ten questions correctly and that deems me 'almost tour guide worthy'!!!

here is the quiz transcript: answers in red are mine, blue ones are the actual correct answers

1.    What is the meaning of Abu Dhabi according to a group of hunters who discovered it? gazelle I got the point for this but the answer should be land of gazelles

2.    It is the second city in Abu Dhabi, which often referred to as “the garden city”. What is it? Al ain

3.    The most anticipated concert happening on the 18th of March? Stevie Wonders concert

4.    What are the two telecom operators in Abu Dhabi? DU and Etisalat

5.    Approximately how many primary health care centres are located in Abu Dhabi? (Hint: Its more than 20) 21 this was a wild, wild guess! who knew I'd guess it right!!!!

6.    The men’s traditional dress is a ‘dishdash” and their headdress is “guthra”. What is the name of the black cord that holds the headdress in place? Hmmmm…. I read about this somewhere before…. the right aswer was Igal

7.    Heard of the new boutique hotel in Liwa Desert? What is it? (Hint: In Arabic it means little mountain) …. I know little means sagir….  right answer was Tilal Liwa Hotel
8.    For six days all international and Arab publishers meet up in Abu Dhabi and host the biggest book shop. What is it called? Abu DhabiInternational Book Fair

9.    A show that offers a great shopping extravaganza with fantastic bargains, happens at the end of the month in ADNEC. What is it called? (Hint: it is the season now) Spring Show 2011

10.  This establishment represents the most striking new addition to the Abu Dhabi skyline. It has been voted ‘Best Futuristic Design 2008’ by the Building Exchange Conference, what is it called? (Hint: it houses the hippest offices in the city) the disk shaped ALDAR Building ??? I was given the point for this but it should have been "HQ" Aldar building

that was the quiz!!! special thanks to Ellaine of Tempo magazine with whom I have exchanged emails with regarding this quiz and who gave me the '2 points' making me tour guide worthy!!

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