Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chak de India!

Am not a huge sports fan - I don't follow any teams and am not a fan of any particular athlete/sportsman/sportswoman. Sure I play 'some' sport like badminton, table tennis, tennis, bowling and some other 'girly' sport but I have never really put myself into it like some people who really follow every aspect of the sport they love.

Recently on a dinner date with friends, one complained of the difficulty of getting a cab - then we remembered that there was a big cricket match between India and Pakistan that night. Everyone must have been on the rush to catch the match, I guess even the cabbies took a well deserved TV break.

I don't know much about cricket nor the rivalry between India and Pakistan except that it is HUUUUGE. I remember watching the Twenty20 World Cup at my friends house a few years ago. They were cheering so loudly that the natur (building watchman) came and gave us a warning. They had to content themselves with stuffing they mouths with their fist in an effort to mellow out their cheering.

Being foreign to the sport, I had a mini lecture about the game of cricket and after that match this is what I wrote on my old Blog:

... before this day I didn't know a squat about Cricket, and you can call me ignorant but yeah I have never even heard of Cricket before I came here in the Emirates... 
... friends and recent events led me to join team India Contingent - like they say this is not just a game of Cricket, its so much more than that and we must win! CHAK DE INDIA!

... as I've gathered India and Pakistan have been big rivals - well I don't know much about the history here but the heat is on for both teams and I have to say even I am fired up! and today the teams are playing for the first Twenty20 World Cup and hours from now one of the two teams will be the proud owner the World Cup trophy for the next two years.

... well I was told Cricket can be compared to baseball and here is what I've learned:

- each team has 11 players who can bat
- to score players must complete a run (like bases is to baseball)
- if the ball goes across the boundaries the batting team scores 4 runs... if it goes over (like a homerun) its worth 6
- if the ball hits the stumps the batter is bowled out
- each team has 10 wickets (wickets is wherein the fielder catches the ball and many other ways to get a wicket but this is the most common one)
- teams loose the game if they get 10 wickets even if the still have remaining balls to play
- teams has 120 balls (for T20 match) to play wherein the have to make the maximum scores

... well that's what I've learned! ... its like cricket for dummies!!! I don't think I would ever be an avid fan but I enjoyed watching the game... I am writing this while watching the match and publish button is just a click away!!! 

CHAK DE INDIA!!!... India made 157-5!!!! while Pakistan made 152 with all 10 wickets down in their alloted 120 balls, India wins by 5 runs and the world cup, yahoooooooo!!!

BTW, I heard India won the match!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

60 minutes for mother earth

... made lanterns, lit a candle and joined millions all over the world in celebrating earth hour...

and I go beyond the hour and pledge to find ways on how I can convince my office to calibrate our copy machines into using half pages (of the standard A4 size) when making copies of small documents such as ID's.

I make it a point to use recycled paper whenever I can, but sometimes I am forced to use a fresh page and I always think that if I can calibrate the copy machine (which I already tried, but failed) the whole office can reduce its paper consumption by half, if not more..

Here is hoping I find the right person with whom I can discuss my idea... 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Abu Dhabi tour anyone???

I stepped up and took the challenge!!!

the Abu Dhabi Tempo Abu Dhabi Quiz Challenge that is!!! I answered 8 out of ten questions correctly and that deems me 'almost tour guide worthy'!!!

here is the quiz transcript: answers in red are mine, blue ones are the actual correct answers

1.    What is the meaning of Abu Dhabi according to a group of hunters who discovered it? gazelle I got the point for this but the answer should be land of gazelles

2.    It is the second city in Abu Dhabi, which often referred to as “the garden city”. What is it? Al ain

3.    The most anticipated concert happening on the 18th of March? Stevie Wonders concert

4.    What are the two telecom operators in Abu Dhabi? DU and Etisalat

5.    Approximately how many primary health care centres are located in Abu Dhabi? (Hint: Its more than 20) 21 this was a wild, wild guess! who knew I'd guess it right!!!!

6.    The men’s traditional dress is a ‘dishdash” and their headdress is “guthra”. What is the name of the black cord that holds the headdress in place? Hmmmm…. I read about this somewhere before…. the right aswer was Igal

7.    Heard of the new boutique hotel in Liwa Desert? What is it? (Hint: In Arabic it means little mountain) …. I know little means sagir….  right answer was Tilal Liwa Hotel
8.    For six days all international and Arab publishers meet up in Abu Dhabi and host the biggest book shop. What is it called? Abu DhabiInternational Book Fair

9.    A show that offers a great shopping extravaganza with fantastic bargains, happens at the end of the month in ADNEC. What is it called? (Hint: it is the season now) Spring Show 2011

10.  This establishment represents the most striking new addition to the Abu Dhabi skyline. It has been voted ‘Best Futuristic Design 2008’ by the Building Exchange Conference, what is it called? (Hint: it houses the hippest offices in the city) the disk shaped ALDAR Building ??? I was given the point for this but it should have been "HQ" Aldar building

that was the quiz!!! special thanks to Ellaine of Tempo magazine with whom I have exchanged emails with regarding this quiz and who gave me the '2 points' making me tour guide worthy!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

words and letters for money

Am now a full pledged writer!...

... no... not really, but I did receive a contributors fee for the essay I wrote and submitted which was published online a Philippine spreadsheet. I am now AED166.12 richer... now I could buy that book I have been coveting online, not worrying about budgeting and stuff. whoopeee!!! 

my first 'professional' writing payment

I have always been actively sending out essays, poems and pictures to magazine and newspaper publications in the hopes of getting published. While it never occurred to me to consider a career  in journalism, I guess  it was a way to realize a childhood dream of being a part of the school paper (my high school didn't have one). 

While am not a brilliant writer - most my rants are far from being Pulitzer prize winners, I am happy by one critique someone told me. I was told that my writing style is one for easy reading, simple but enjoyable - must be because you'll never read words that are hard to spell and pronounce in these spaces. Sure I would like to write something so profound using big words and all, but for now and I guess for always I will be writing with all simplicity and a lot of heart hoping that whoever comes across my writings would enjoy reading them.

Monday, March 21, 2011

music and sunset

... a few days ago I wrote about going to the beach on my free time, today was another off from work day (I had two days off) and decided at the last minute (laziness was beginning to set in, but I wanted to do something productive coz I don't want to feel that my day has gone to waste) to go to the beach to catch the sun set and maybe take some noteworthy snaps. Well I got more than pictures - I met a new friend!! :D 

I left my things on some square bench while I walked along the shore and took snaps, when I came back to my spot, a lady holding a guitar was there. I am not one to strike up a conversation with a stranger so I decided to wait and see. She began to play her guitar. Let me tell you - listening to an acoustic guitar on the beach at sunset has got to be the most relaxing thing - takes your mind off things. When she finished a playing the song, we looked at each other, smiled and said 'hi!' - then began a friendly conversation. I think I made a new friend!

here's to you Donna! It was a pleasure meeting you!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

just beachin'!

... one of the things I love about Abu Dhabi is how accessible the beaches are. You can just up and go hail a cab and spend your day at the beach without the stressful need to make reservations or anything. All you really have to do is bring yourself , pay 10 dirhams for the entrance fee if you want the luxury of having your own cabana or beach chair or spread your own mat at the open beach and pay nothing but enjoy everything - the wind in your hair, sun on your skin, the cool breeze and the sound of the waves lapping on the shore...

... twice these past few weeks I have been to the beach and spent some relaxing alone time. Having been tired of being cooped up my room staring at the TV screen or the four corners of my ceiling or getting a headache from too much sleep, I decided that the next time I get an off I would go to the beach and spent my mornings there.

... and so I did - I had a peaceful and glorious day catching up on my reading, lazing about my own spot under the sun and munching on fruits and some sandwiches. ahhh... 'tis the life... I can't wait to go spend another beachin' day! - next time I'd be inviting friends!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

a unique client

As I have read, Falconry is an integral part of desert life which has been practiced in the UAE for centuries. Originally, falcons were used for hunting, to supplement the Bedouin diet with some meat. Nowadays, falconry is practiced purely for sport. I have never seen a Falcon up close before, until one day...

a client came to the branch today carrying a falcon - yes a FALCON!!! :)

I was taking a picture with my phone from afar when the client came up to me and asked me to hold out my arm where he perched the falcon! I hurriendly asked my office mate to take a picture but she grapled with my phone and failed to take a proper pic with the falcon happily perched onto my arm - it was as they say an 'epic failure'!... well I might get another chance next time - I hope!