Thursday, November 11, 2010

back to the routine

... we have all heard about post-partum depression which is pervalent in women who had just given birth and now I wonder if there is something called 'post-vacation depression' for expats?

... I just come back to Abu Dhabi from the Philippines where I spent my month long annual vacation. It was the best vacation I have had. I was once again with my family and relatives to celebrate quite a few birthdays. I was there to welcome our balikbayan relatives from the States. I've gotten re-acquainted with friends from grade school which I have not seen since we graduated from the sixth grade. I had a fun girls-night-out with my high school barkada one of which had just been engaged. Had a cozy dinner with my college best friend, and had spent a 5 day bonding trip to Bangkok with my family. 

... on my first day back to work, I reveled at the praises my office mates gave me. They welcomed me back with smiling faces, complimented my tan, were 'wow-ed' by my newly colored and highlighted hair and asked about my adventures in Thailand. I exuberantly gave them all the details, talking at full speed and laughing heartily. I went home and back to my usual cooking-cleaning routine. The next day at work I found my self not talking as much and smiling even less. The cheerfulness I felt the day before was gone, I felt as if I am just a zombie moving along the routine, I was not concentrating and thus I made a couple of errors. I was counting the hours till working hours officially end so I can go back home and crouch under the covers.

... when my office friend pointed this change of behavior out, I told her I must be experiencing 'post-vacation depression', I had such a fun time with my family and relatives the past month that I felt kind of let down. I need a pick-me-upper and the two birthday parties and one out of town barbecue picnic on my social calendar just might be it.

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