Thursday, November 25, 2010

I got published online!!!

... remember the blog entry I posted a few days ago? the one about having post-vacation depression? well I tried to make it a better essay and submitted it to a Philippine online news spreadsheet and whoopeedoo they decided it was good enough to be published online!!! so cool!!!

here is the link in case you want to read it again!!!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

the Ferrari World experience

... with two days of Eid Holidays left, me and my brother decided to go to Ferrari World and sad to say, the experience fell short of our expectations. We both thought that it being the first Ferrari themed amusement park it could do better.

... we weren't that much 'wow-ed' when we went inside, I don't know, but we didn't feel overwhelmingly amazed or awed while walking inside which I think is the way you should feel when entering a theme park. Sure the cars on display were nice and shiny but the park interiors lacked some 'oomph' factor.

... they could have better queue management. We waited five hours to ride the Formula Rossa because people shamelessly queue jumped. We saw people complain and shout, one even asked to call security but I didn't see any action done. Three hours into the wait my brother called the place PILA-ri world (means queue world in english, Pila being the tagalog word for queue).

... they took back our tickets when we left. The cards are electronically swiped at the barriers so I guess it can be used again, but you won't have any souvenir ticket.

... Formula Rossa boasts to be the fastest and fifth longest roaller coaster in the world, too bad I don't have proof to show that I had been in it. There were no cameras to snap a picture of you during the ride. You know the one they have built-in at the point of the ride where your face contorts in every which angle? they don't have that which sucks because apart from the ride itself the best part is seeing your facial expression on screen, ready to be printed and purchased. Heck they don't even have that fake coaster seat with the fake backdrop where you can take a souvenir shot!!!

... I would have enjoyed better if I had not waited in the queue for one ride for five hours, with that amount of time I would have been to the other attractions, maybe enjoyed walking and checking out the displays better. Maybe being a dufus when it come to cars I just didn't know how to appreciate it. Oh well, I guess the five hour wait was worth it, if only to have bragging rights to have been on the fastest roaller coaster in the world!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

back to the routine

... we have all heard about post-partum depression which is pervalent in women who had just given birth and now I wonder if there is something called 'post-vacation depression' for expats?

... I just come back to Abu Dhabi from the Philippines where I spent my month long annual vacation. It was the best vacation I have had. I was once again with my family and relatives to celebrate quite a few birthdays. I was there to welcome our balikbayan relatives from the States. I've gotten re-acquainted with friends from grade school which I have not seen since we graduated from the sixth grade. I had a fun girls-night-out with my high school barkada one of which had just been engaged. Had a cozy dinner with my college best friend, and had spent a 5 day bonding trip to Bangkok with my family. 

... on my first day back to work, I reveled at the praises my office mates gave me. They welcomed me back with smiling faces, complimented my tan, were 'wow-ed' by my newly colored and highlighted hair and asked about my adventures in Thailand. I exuberantly gave them all the details, talking at full speed and laughing heartily. I went home and back to my usual cooking-cleaning routine. The next day at work I found my self not talking as much and smiling even less. The cheerfulness I felt the day before was gone, I felt as if I am just a zombie moving along the routine, I was not concentrating and thus I made a couple of errors. I was counting the hours till working hours officially end so I can go back home and crouch under the covers.

... when my office friend pointed this change of behavior out, I told her I must be experiencing 'post-vacation depression', I had such a fun time with my family and relatives the past month that I felt kind of let down. I need a pick-me-upper and the two birthday parties and one out of town barbecue picnic on my social calendar just might be it.