Thursday, September 16, 2010

what's with teens these days??!!!

... when I was a teenager, my life was centered around school and family. This is not to say I am a goody goody, sure I liked to have fun with friends, hang out, cut class maybe once - well the teacher was late, and by rule we can leave if they were 15 minutes late, so I guess that isn't considered cutting class --- but anyway... WHAT IS WITH TEENS THESE DAYS???!!!!

... seems like they grew up to be nothing but spoiled brats, frankly its none of my business what they do with their time, but when they drag you into their mess what are you to do?

... today while having lunch with my brother at the mall two teenage boys came to our table and 'waved' their hands into my brother's face while he was typing on his phone. It was offensive but we let it pass, we've seen these types around and seems they get a kick from annoying people. Seemingly starved of attention, they weren't pleased with our No Reaction attitude and came back to our table to talk trash.

... my brother isn't in one of his better moods today and it was all I could do to calm him and tell him not to mind these punks, I tried looking for security guards but of course they were nowhere to be found (just like in the movies).

... If we were in the Philippines, my brother would have given these punks what they were looking for but as it is I think all we can do is keep our calm and walk away. If this incident had led to a fight we know we are at the losing end because no matter how you slice it, we are only trancients here...

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