Friday, July 9, 2010

the corner shop bakery

What was once a quarter of an old clothes shop is now a bakery - no not your typical bakery with glass display cases and coffee machines but a 'rustic' and simple arabic flat bread bakery, with no sophisticated and shiny electronic appliances, shiny aluminum pans and tins or even a big indrustrial sized oven. The only tool they have is a rolling pin, what looks like a mortar with a head of nails, a pillow like something, long steel poles and a circular open-top stone oven.

It seems to have sprung overnight or maybe I just hadn't noticed the conversion even though I pass by the area everyday on my way to work. I smelled the aroma of freshly made bread even before I saw the bright red signboard around the corner.

Everyday I see the 'bakers' roll the dough and bake it in front of the waiting crowd. I made a mental note to bring my camera with me the day I buy me some bread so I can blog about it and this morning I did!

large flat breads for only 1 dirham each

simple tools

rolling it nice and elongated!!

 toss it a bit...

punch holes in them and lay it on the 'pillow'...

use the pillow to 'stick' the dough to the oven wall...

... and viola!!!

The 'bakers' have ready made dough that they roll out, prick with the mortar like device, toss, lay on the pillow like something - use this pillow to 'stick' the dough to the oven wall, and bake it until its golden.

The result is a chewy bread with a thin crispy outer layer. It kinda reminded us of thin waffles and so we stopped by the grocery to get some ice cream. We usually eat it with hummos but its a whole new level of yummy with ice cream!!!

usually eaten with hummos...

we made a new 'discovery' and paired it with ice cream!! yummy!!

When we got to the bakery, I hesitated a bit in taking pictures, the bearded man looked aloof but he accomodated us, allowed us to come into the shop and nonchalantly went about making a fresh batch for our order while I click away, the younger guy seemed to be enjoying the 'photo shoot' and went about with a flourish. The bearded man thought we were tourists and asked if we were from Chile.

It was the best trip to the bakery I ever had!!!


  1. hmmm...
    got to try this flat bread with ice cream. tnx for sharing. :)
    btw, came here tru

  2. thanks for visiting abu dhabi/ uae daily photo and ing!!!