Monday, July 5, 2010

milk it!!

I just love food adventures!!!

last friday I finally got to taste Camel milk! yes you read me right! camel milk!!

a few years back, I read somewhere that camel milk will be finally available commercially, and wanting to 'delve' deeper into middle eastern culture I wanted to go and try it. I scoured milk and dairy sections of supermarkets everytime I go shopping and was constantly disappointed to find them out of stock. I finally got lucky last friday! I excitedly put it in my basket and made a beeline for the cash counter, thinking it would be the perfect before bedtime snack along with my freshly made brownies and cookies.

camel milk fast facts. Researchers say camel milk is:

- lower in fat and cholesterol and richer in potassium, iron and minerals such as sodium and magnesium that cows milk.

- has longer shelf life that any other types of milk

- has higher Niacin and Vitamin C content

- a rich source of proteins with potential anti-microbial and protective activity for the human digestive system.

- has a stronger flavor than cows milk

Camel-icious!!! choco flavored of course!!

milk and brownies and cookies!!
perfect before bedtime snack!!!

... camel milk does have a stronger flavor than cow's milk - it taste a little bit salty and isn't as 'creamy' but it still is yummy!!!


  1. Wow! That's something I haven't ever really thought of. I'm excited to give it a try when we get to Abu Dhabi! :)

  2. hi nikki!!! thanks for dropping by!!!

    here's an early 'welcome to abu dhabi!!!' - and go get that mustache - camel milk mustache that is!!! :D