Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I pledge to become a UAE water hero!!!

... umm no, I don't intent to be the next Aquagirl or a new Marvel superhero donning a spandex costume, I just pledged to do my bit in saving the environment.

I came across a UAE water heroes like page on my facebook account and upon visiting the Heroes of the UAE website, had pledged my support in the campaign and promised to be mindfull of my own daily water consumption.

Kudos to the UAE Government, its partners and sponsors. I admire your dedication to the campaign and not just stoping with posters, banners, the website and other media blitz but actually going about UAE aiming to install the watersaver in each and every household, making it even easier for people to follow through with their pledges. I will be waiting for your coming to my neighborhood with anticipation.

I encourage everyone to visit the site and make the pledge. Let us all do our bit to save mother earth.

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