Thursday, June 10, 2010

after a day's work

I picked up a copy of Abu Dhabi Week Magazine today as I power walked my way to the office and was quickly browsing the pages when I saw a familiar photo published on page 22 (Through Your Lens section).

It was a picture I took and sent three days ago. It was an unexpected surprise because never had I thought (though I wished ) it would be published and so soon at that. I almost lost footing as I stepped up the curb with my eyes stuck to the magazine - and did I mention I was power walking??? leathal combination that is: power walking while reading LOL!!!

                                After A Day's Work - a still life photo

The picture is a simple still life of a pair of work boots left unattended. I saw these boots one day on my way home from work and felt compelled to take a picture because it evoked in me a feeling of satisfaction and relief for completing another hard day's work - I imagine the owner sighing in relief as he took the boots off, relax his tired feet and cool off with a cold beverage with a smile on his face.

There was nothing fancy about the set-up. No vivid colors, no cool lighting effects, no awesone landscape or architecture - just a pair of work boots...

... what do you see and feel when you look at the picture??

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