Tuesday, June 22, 2010

too much skin is in... NOT!!

lately I have observed that expat Abu Dhabi women are fearlessly flaunting their skins - and well their gams, and cleavage and and and....

... one morning a few years ago my friend and I decided to have breakfast at a cafe across the street from the hotel we were staying. We had a  bit of time to spare and as it is we weren't fully dressed for work yet. As we sat down to read the breakfast menu, my friend commented on how 'brave' I was for walking the streets in a skirt with out any stockings on. I was dumbfounded at my friends' observation because it didn't occur to me that I might have been being indecent (my skirt fell below the knees) in this conservative country. Since then I have been mindful of what I wear - drawing the line at sleeveless blouses...

... but nowadays I might as well be called 'manang' (tagalog for old lady) for always wearing pants and long skirts if at all. I really get surprised when I go out and see the expat women of today's Abu Dhabi??!! WHERE IS THE CONSERVATIVE ABU DHABI OF YESTERYEARS!!! women today go out wearing hot shorts and thin strapped tops with cuts down to here.

... fashion they say is a form of expression - no argument about that but when you belong to a nationality which are most often than not stereotyped into - something I don't even want to mention here we have to watch what we say and do and yes wear. While I have no authority or right to tell women - specially our kabayans what to wear, I wish they'd tame it a little bit. Just a few hours ago while walking to the grocery I saw one lady in a super hot pants and a very low scooped necline tank top - I mean too much skin is too much. I just hope they'd think about what they are representing even a little bit. By working abroad we - expats, represent our country. Its sad to think that we can not rise above the stereotype and are not getting the respect we deserve because we fall victims of fashion.  Call me a prude, call me old fashioned, call me uptight but I think a few wolf whistles and horn honking isn't the kind of admiration I want.

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