Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photography Fridays

... a few weeks ago I blogged about acquiring a new toy - a Sony Alpha 330 DLSR

... and now that I have it - I have to use and practice taking pictures with it right??? right!

... and so begins 'Photography Fridays' - every friday (schedule, weather and social calendar permiting!!) my brother and I (because he is the one who urged me to buy the DLSR) made an agreement to go and visit the most noteworthy places in Abu Dhabi like the Zayed Grand Mosque, Emirates Palace, Heritage Village etc etc.

... I have always wanted to visit these places but it is difficult to find someone who shares my passion for going places to appreciate art and architecture, scenery and history and now I have the perfect excuse!! I won't feel like a nuisance for the person tagging along - my brother has to put up with this particular quirk of mine with no qualms because "if not for his urging I won't be buying" so I tell him "no complaining while I go a-shooting!!!" ...

... so heres hoping we DO get to visit all these places on my list and I sincerely hope my brother enjoys Photography Fridays too!!!

clikety click!!!

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