Saturday, June 19, 2010

I fancy myself a photographer

I fancy myself a photographer...

If my memory serves me right, I believe that the every first big purchase I made with my very own money (my school allowance that I had saved) was a film camera. all I wanted to do back then was to somehow 'document' what they say would be the best years of my academic life - high school.

The pictures that I took were nothing special really, just random shots of people, events and places but sometimes a gem of a picture would come up and when it does I do feel proud.

When digital cameras and blogging became popular, I invested in the 'best value for money' digicam I could find and started online journals by posting entries and pictures of family holidays, travel trips, D-I-Y projects, food etc etc.

I upgraded cameras but I can't say if my 'photographing skills' went up a notch too. I just continued to 'point and shoot' with the hopes that the pictures would come out as what I had in mind.

A few months ago while malling, me and my brother saw a bunch of people with large cameras, with long lenses hanging from their necks - the DLSR camera craze had begun! - I never really saw myself buying such camera, I was quite happy with my point and shoot digicam, although sometimes taking night mode pictures can be frustrating.

My brother - the gadget lover, urged me to buy one 'just so'. I was reluctant because for one, those cameras costs a lot and besides I argued 'is there any difference in the photos taken?'  I spend a couple of hours per day for weeks online, checking out these camera's features, reviews and sample shots, everytime we go malling I would stop by the electronics store and stare and hold and test various DLSR to my bothers' annoyance.  In the end I was cajoled into finally deciding to buy by my brother with the argument that I wouldnt enjoy the money I have been saving if I died tomorrow - morbid I know

Deciding to buy was one thing - choosing what model to get was another. And so I again browsed and joined photographer forums asking the pro's for the best entry level DLSR. In the end I settled for a Sony alpha 330. Its less expensive than a Canon or Nikon, and more practical too if I want to build a good lens system over the years as the Sony takes Minolta and Sigma lenses.

And so one day we finally finally decidedly (and hurriedly - lest I back out hahahaha! cheapskate!!) headed out to the elctronics store and purchased a Sony Alpha 330. What a beauty!! :D

Me and my Sony self portrait!!!


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