Sunday, April 25, 2010

World of Music, Art and Dance - WOMAD Abu Dhabi 2010

when WOMAD first came to Abu Dhabi last year - I was too ignorant to care. Having never heard of WOMAD before and not recognising any names on the performer list leaflet (no Robbie Williams? no Beyonce?) I just waved it off thinking I wouldn't enjoy it anyways - and boy did I miss something.

This year I am a little bit more aware, having done some little research on the net, unlike last year I know now that:

- WOMAD is an organization founded in 1980 by Peter Gabriel, Thomas Brooman and Bob Hooton

- WOMAD was founded on the basis that enthusiasm over global sounds would be created if there is awareness

- the financial realities of the organization brought about the idea of having a festival instead of a one off event

- two years later in 1982, the first Womad festival took place in Shepton Mallet, England

- the organizations central aim is to celebrate the worlds culturally diverse forms of music, arts and dance by bringing together artists from all over the globe

- currently WOMAD holds festival in over 20 countries, presenting more that a thousand artists from all parts of the globe to a million audience, creating awareness and promoting appreciation for the worlds' Music, Art and Dance.

the WOMAD Abu Dhabi 2010 logo

fireworks display kick starting the event

the CHEMIRANI's onstage.
the Chemirani's are a renowed Persian family ensemble with music using traditional Persian beats

the master percussionist DJAMCHID and daughter MARYAM on the tombak

speacially designed by ANGUS WATT, these flags has been an integral part of the WOMAD festivals.

WASEL SAFWAN an Emirati artist and architect

WOMAD bazaar


The ZAWOSE FAMILY spreading the music of the Wagogo people of TANZANIA

the Chemirani's coming to prepare, cook and share a traditional dish from their country of origin along with an audience Q & A in participation of TASTE OF THE WORLD

WOMAD graffiti wall

it all happened here, at the Abu Dhabi corniche

the only picture of me enjoying this wonderful event

I am glad I decided to go and watch this wonderful event! I got to see, hear and enjoy even a little bit of the worlds diverse culture thru music, arts and dance. I didn't get to see all 35 and more performing artists but my favorite would have to be the CHEMRANI's.  Meeting with WASEL SAFWAN and asking him if I could take his picture was embarrassing in a nice sort of way :D. Too bad DAMIEN MARLEY was too sick to perform that night!!!

I salute the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) for bringing WOMAD to Abu Dhabi, their dedication and passion to make Abu Dhabi the cultural center of the region has brought art awareness and appreciation of the UAE's and the worlds diverse culture and heritage.

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