Tuesday, April 20, 2010

for love of chocolate

I absolutely adore chocolates!!! I love them dark, milk, bitter, white or semi sweet.  I love them in ice cream, cakes, brownies, cookies, beverages, dips and syrups, I love them in plain bars or with fillings, fuits or nuts or both- and the list can go on and on!!

I can live on chocolate if only it doesn't go straight to my belly, thighs and butt!

Here in the UAE or should I say in the Middle East (soon the world?) the most famous brand in chocolate is Patchi - borne from an 11-year old boy's passion for chocolate, the brand has grown globally.

When I first came here I was thrilled to see those chocolates arranged in a variety of designs for a variety of occassions, back then I remember thinking that I should maybe get a franchise and bring the brand and concept to the Philippines. There wasn't any shop that offers chocolate arrangements in my home country as far as I know, and I thought the concept was charming and definitely would be a hit.

Fast forward to the present - well I haven't enough money to buy the franchise but that didn't stop me from enjoying these Lebanese made chocolates. Maybe one day, insha allah, my passion for chocolate would bring me my very own Patchi franchise :D

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