Sunday, April 18, 2010

changing demographics

My story of moving from one demographic to another can be considered epic - well maybe not, am just being overly dramatic.

Depending on what you believe in it can be a story of luck and coincidences or of destiny and fate.

Consider this:

- one sunday morning in January a few years back, I lay in bed contemplating my (then) current work environment which is turning for the worse. I remember having a tingling feeling in my legs. I felt uneasy, like I had the butterflies but puzzled as to "why?", could it be because I decided to try and look for a new job? having worked for the company for close to four years since I got out of college maybe I am getting jittery because this is another big transition. My thoughts were disrupted when I heard my mom take our regular newspaper subscription and after a split second I jumped out of bed to get the other paper noted for its thick classified ads section.

- lo and behold! I saw one add by a manpower agency that deploys people to the middle east looking for a banker with three to five years experience, not over age 27, etc etc. I was reading it with my mom and she said "that is you!!"

- it was the ONE time the agency placed an add in the papers, I almost missed that window of opportunity had we taken on our normal sunday paper.

- so I went thru the process of application but it wasn't until after almost 6 months that I finally recieved a call saying I am one of the shortlisted candidates.

- during the interview day, I went to the wrong venue - it was a good thing we left early and the normal heavy traffic was non existent which gave us just enough time to make it!

- in the interview room, my nervousness vanished when one of the three interviewers smiled at me and said I looked like his daughter. The ice was broken and I was able to answer the questions with renewed confidence! a lot of people say I look like someone they know - this is the one time I actually appreciated hearing that! haha!

After signing the offer letter comes the hardest part - documentation. We were given approx a month to have all our documents attested and authenticated by various government agencies, and since I was still employed that means a lot of absences. It was not an easy month but to cut the story short everything worked out fine in the end...

... and so I bid adeiu to my family, friends and former officemates carrying with me my authenticated and attested documents, luggage, pocket money, sense of adventure, hopes, dreams and goals as I boarded the plane to the land of sand and oil, jumping from being 'regular filipino employee' to an 'expat'.

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